Shirley Vauvelle

Mixed Media Artist

Sculpture Archive

Ceramic and Driftwood

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Tall Meadow
Bird and Butterfly
Hearts and Flowers
Bird and Leaf
Owl and Butterfly
Yorkshire Flowers
Little owl and three hearts
Bird and leaf
Cat and Vase
Little Hare Balancing Bird
Hare in garden paradise
Homage to the sea
Fox and hanging hearts
Hen on high
Little hen
Hen on High
Sonnet Bird
Little Bird (of Wales)
Little Hen
Big Bird
Cat and Vase
Big bird with pear
Bird perched on high
Great Outdoors
Little Owl and heart
Nodding Flowers and Butterfly
Rain then showers, Boat
Cat and Vase
Rabbit and tiny flowers
Country Mouse Balancing Little Bird
Bird and Flower
Big bird with a view
Little rabbit among flowers
Little Boat Afloat
Heart Gazing
just the two of us
owl and little bird
Owl with a view
Meadow Rabbits
South Wind
Woodland Gazing
Autumn Song
Sniffing the flowers
Jazz Meadow
Fox in Meadow
Owl and Little Bird
Bunny Rabbit
Mouse and Very Tall Tree
Love on a Mountain Top
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